Sunday, August 21, 2016

On the Fulcrum Between Adventure and Insanity

Pope and I are gearing up to go sailing again. Yes. We're off to Maine this week on a bareboat charter. Just a few days after our return, we'll load up Echo II and cast off for southern shores.

Is it fun? Is it fulfilling? Or is it ... just plain nuts? How well I remember--from three years ago--the immense satisfaction of waking to a slice of pink cloud. Home-baked bread on Staniel Cay. Swimming with dolphins.

And then there were....the ocean crossings. Dozens of drawbridges. Shallow water on the ICW and the Bahamas Bank. A leaky cabin roof. Worst of all, perhaps, the mosquitos, no-see-ums, and biting green flies.

Are we REALLY ready for this again? How can I keep my endorphins pumping without Barre Fusion and Power Toning at Sport & Health? How long will it take Pope to miss the indentation in the sofa while he inhales blood, guts and tears on the Sons of Anarchy and Hell on Wheels?
Echo II awaits passenger boarding, happily bobbing in Whitemarsh Creek in anticipation of adventure in bigger water. Five tons of fiberglass, dacron, diesel, and moldy cushions, ready to deploy--as soon as we load another half ton of spare parts and supplies.

I am not bobbing. I am slogging. Through cleaning, packing, organizing, provisioning.

Stay tuned. The countdown to insanity has begun.

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