Sunday, February 9, 2014

Whirlwind Tour: Staniel to Guana to Farmers

After 8 days cooling our sails at Staniel Cay, we tore ourselves out of our lethargy and motored five miles south to Black Point Settlement on Great Guana Cay, where there are THREE restaurants, because Pope had a hankering for a hamburger.

So...we anchored in a nice spot near the beach, with the intention of staying a few days...or a few weeks...quiet here, no mega-yachts, only cruisers, public dock, several restaurants, new friends, laundromat.

Pope got his hamburger. Spent the night. Shortly after sunrise, noticed cruisers racing over to the laundromat dock in their dinghies, hauling huge bags of laundry. One, two, three, four. Hmm. Thought we'd better find out what's up. By the time we got over there, people were lined up three deep waiting for machines. Eight dinghies at the laundromat dock.

The buzz was that a storm's predicted! In a couple of days. Everyone's washing up, stocking up, and fleeing for protected anchorages, mostly to the north. Hmm. Change of plans for us, too? I jogged across the little road, bought some scrumptious whole wheat bread from Corene at J.D.'s Straw Market and Grocery (a one-room shop) and dinghied back to Echo II.

We immediately cancelled our plan to visit the friendly iguanas on Bitter Guana Cay and stay a few days at the very agreeable settlement of Black Point. Instead, hauled anchor and took off for the south. To beat the crowds to a good spot, youi see. By the time the gusty weather hits (if ever), the most protected anchorages will be jam-packed. We don't want to backtrack to the north when so many enticing islands beckon to the south.

So here we are, anchored between Big Farmer and Little Farmer Cays, suffering from a surfeit of good beaches, good views, good beer, a promise of a hot meal and a hot shower at the tiny yacht club (view from the patio below), and the prospect of swimming in the clearest water in the Bahamas. Before the storm, after the storm, if there is no storm--who cares. It's all good.

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