Monday, June 2, 2014

It's a Marathon!

We set a record for our longest mileage in a day--74 miles! Vero Beach to Titusville.

Blessedly breezy on our beam. Kept the heat down, swept the boat along at 6 knots per hour, and blew the bugs to kingdom come. 

Pope pulled all morning against strong wind. I unpacked and organized the cabin.

A turn at the helm builds muscle faster than yoga or weight-lifting!!

Some blood (Pope's arm, my hand); sweat (though not too hot today), and a few tears. In order to motor through a drawbridge (not allowed to sail), we had to take in our jib in full wind. The sail flogged badly, ripping a seam. Time for sail mending.

First, sunset and dinner at a mooring off Titusville.

Took the sail down after dark. Found more damage. Pope will be sewing all day with dental floss and his knuckle-sized thimble while I limp along the waterway with the engine and mainsail.

Will be a long slow slog tomorrow--and maybe longer--without the jib.

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