Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trivial Pursuit, Guadeloupe Style

Q: What is the popular motto among sailors in Guadeloupe?
A. "Close the hatches; it's raining again."
Q. How often does it rain in Guadeloupe in January?
A. Every 20 minutes, like clockwork.

Q. What is the average speed of the trade winds off the coast of Grand Terre in January?
A. 26.7 knots.

Q. What is the lowest wind speed?
A. 21 knots.

Q. What is the average wave height and period offshore in January?
A. 6-8 feet high, 3-5 seconds apart.

Q. What is the definition of "marooned"?
A. A crappy old dinghy with torn handles and no oarlocks that does not hold air, with an outboard that broke down on the first trip--included in a Dream Yacht charter package at Pointe-a-Pitre.

Q. What do marooned sailors do?
A. Eat too much and try to top each other's tall tales.

Q. What is the definition of "relief"?
A. A 2-hour break in the rain and wind.

Q: What is this skipper doing?
A. Manually checking the depth with a lead line, since Dream Yacht charter boats don't come with an instruction book that explains the operation of the depth sounder.

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