Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bargains in Barcelona

No, we are not on any waterway this spring. We are in Spain, en route to France, enjoying the cheaper euro. For now, we are missing many of the bargains because we are spending our two days here in Barcelona sleeping off jet lag!

I started the bargains off in Miami with a hunt for a little assistance for my healing foot -- a free wheelchair to get from Concourse B to Concourse D. Success!

We arrived safely and checked into the hostel. Hosteling is always a bargain. The hostel Barcelona Central Garden is the cleanest and friendliest I have ever stayed in--and I have stayed in dozens. Lots of well-deserved awards.

Then we upped the ante and found 1-euro beers for happy hour yesterday, at Cinemateca in the Eixample District. Naturally, the price attracts a big crowd.
And, in our search for tapas, we found a large--no, HUGE--plate of lamb and potatoes for Pope for 10 euros (about 11 dollars), around the corner from the hostel. Two people could easily share it. This is the Spanish version of "small plates"...?
Very few vegetables on the menu, but I was able to get an equally oversized quantity of eggs and potatoes. Both plates included bread and a carafe of decent wine! And this restaurant was very well stocked with "el vino."

Today's bargain, when we finally dragged our sleepy selves outside: a Gaudi-designed house, just a few blocks walk from the hostel. External views FREE.

And finally, the best bargain of all, uncovered by my resourceful partner Pope while buying groceries for cooking tonight's dinner at the hostel: red wine in a box for 0,89 euros-- less than a dollar!!

Well, what else would you expect from a cheapskate and wannabe dumpster diver? He even tried to raid the garbage patch left over from a local farm market!

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