Saturday, October 31, 2015

Landlubbers Are Wimps! Let's Go Sailing

Echo II is on the move again!
Admiral Runaground Pope. First Mate Amber. Returning crew members Henry and John.
Two years since we cast off in Edgewater, Maryland, bound for Georgetown, Exumas, Bahamas. This time, a three-day sail across Chesapeake Bay, up Eastern Bay, and Miles River to St. Michaels. 
Clearly, we've come to a place where the dockside merchants understand a sailor's values.
So, first  things first: happy hour on Echo II upon arrival. Met by fellow sailor Mark A. (second from left), an old friend who has gone through a succession of boats and is a car.

And then moving on to the other essentials for a coastal weekend: crab cakes and cole slaw at the Crab Claw. (Pope, Amber, Henry, Mark, John).
Ah, the rewards for enduring a sailing trip (my perspective, not Pope's): dark & stormies (the national drink of Bermuda); gentle breezes; sun on your forehead; autumn leaves on the coast.
And late October sunrise over St. Michaels.
Greeting the day through the front hatch at the tony, expensive St. Michaels Marina. We are splurging for our last autumn sail.

Pope's brother Henry and friend John crossed the Bahamas Bank with us from Nassau to Staniel Cay. yesterday, they crossed the Bay with us. If they behave, we will take them back across.
John, bundled up in his sleeping bag at 42 degrees, expressed a slight preference for 80 degrees in the Bahamas.
Then he shut up, because Pope clearly warned us about the hazards of challenging the skipper about the boat, weather,destination, or other conditions!


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