Sunday, August 26, 2018

Look Out, New England: Echo II On the Move

Captain's log: Stardate 2018, 22 August, 1330 hours. Hot and humid. Scanning the horizon, no obstacles in sight but a few dark clouds. 

Down the hatch: duffle bags, boat bags, food bins, water jugs, tools, spare parts, books.
Sail cover removed and lines cast off at Blue Water Marina. 
Wind and rain as we left the dock. Oops, Pope forgot his summer rain gear. Up the bay in heavy yellow slickers, his brother Jake at the helm.
First entry in ship's log by Captain Pope: cast off for another cruise to New England. 
First mate Amber sagging from the labors of shopping, packing, closing up house, organizing boat for departure, feeding crew one last energy-packed, home-cooked feast. Climb aboard.

Aah. Feels like second home.

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