Monday, January 6, 2014

Competition for Captain Runaground

I am very spoiled. And I hope you were too, dear readers. My Olympus FE-310 camera took spectacularly crisp, clear photos for two and a half months. It slipped into a coma after its third dose of saltwater spray, and flat-lined last Monday.

In Nassau, I bought a Vivitar 8400 underwater camera and got it ready for the next big story. Didn’t take long.

We pulled out of Harbour Club Marina Sunday and anchored down the channel, ready to depart at daybreak for the Exumas. Pope crept slowly around the 3-foot shoals in the middle of the harbor.
What to our wondering eyes should appear, shortly after we anchored, but a very large sailboat hard aground on a shoal and listing severely, a few hundred yards away. An opportunity to test the new camera!
The Vivitar photos are nowhere near as clear as those of the Olympus; a real disappointment. But there weren’t a lot of cameras for sale in Nassau. If you look closely, you can see the upper deck of the boat, Dreamland, facing toward us (instead of being horizontal), and the port-side rail leaning precariously close to the water. Having heard of the attention surrounding the exploits of Captain Runaground, no doubt, the crew was determined to usurp the title.

There is no TowBoat US here to tow the boat off the sandbank. The crew sat on the deck, feet braced, waiting for the tide to slooooooowwwwly rise to high tide, around 11 pm or so.


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