Monday, January 20, 2014

Social Sunday, and Significant Setback

The shipment of engine parts from New England to Florida to Bahamas was incomplete. Our mechanic will start over Monday.

NOW it's really getting depressing here. Another week of gasoline and sewer fumes. (Besides, I have a rum hangover; read on. Sunday was a beautiful day for sailing south to the Exumas. The sailboats that aren't members of the Broken-Down club left ealy in the morning. 

To cheer ourselves up, we turned to social nourishment--friends in Nassau.

We met up with friend Carole from Washingtion, DC, and girlfriends--the Bahama Mamas (Mary, Carole. Maureen, Marjorie). They are lodged in a beautiful villa at Sunrise Beach on Paradise Island. with beach, pool, and lush gardens. 
Carole graciously agreed to carry a few items home--the broken camera (I will get it repaired back home) and winter clothes I needed on the freezing trip down.

Then, rum cocktails on Echo Ii with crew of other sailboats. Judy and Dave's engine repair on Wren is now completed, and they will leave when a weather window opens. Likewise, Bruce and Gayleen of Pearl dropped off their visiting family at the Nassau airport and are waiting for favorable winds to move on.

Maybe we will see some of them later in the Exumas. We are putting our faith in the Wizard of the Bahamas (see earlier blog post).

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