Sunday, August 10, 2014

Eye Candy

Visual poetry.
Pope LOVES his new spinnaker! While I shooed and scrubbed inside and out, trying to clear out the plague of mayflies, Pope flew his colorful "kite."
As I've said before, my experience is that  there is not much "leisure" time while operating a boat; it is hard work. However, sometimes there are stretches of easy sailing--no weather, no traffic, no challenges. So Pope played and I scrubbed, for hours, on a calm Chesapeake Bay.
Wait a minute!! How did I get the short end of that stick??!! Pope is a pretty tricky dude!

Bu the way, the swishing and squishing and scouring partially worked; this morning there are only a hundred or so healthy adult insects left on our cabin ceiling and walls. I haven't ventured outside to take inventory there; I am writing this from inside the sanctuary of my mosquito tent.
I have internet on my iPhone because we are anchored offshore Solomon's Island, a popular sailing center only a couple of sailing days from home. (Two hours by car, if anyone wants to join us for the rest of the trip.)

Our old friends on S/V Pearl are staying here the rest of the summer.

I mixed up the usual Dark 'n' Stormies and Gayleen cooked up an appetizer of cream cheese, wasabi, and sesame seeds. As pleasing to the eye as to the palate.

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