Monday, August 18, 2014

The Incredibly Boring Routiness of Life on Land

If I'm not sailing, how can I blog? Would you like to hear about our ongoing problems with Comcast (the cable company)? 

The discovery of a photo of my great-grandfather? 

My learning a second cajun song?

A thrill a minute. I know.

How about the giant 9-foot inflatable dinghy in the living room???!!!
(Sorry, we already deflated it before I got a picture...)

See, I knew it. It all comes back to sailing...sigh.... it's the perfect subject for a spicy tell-all. What can be more suspenseful (and amusing) for armchair travelers than an invasion of mayflies, a prop disabled by barnacles, or a heat exchanger so rusty that it fell off in Pope's hands?

You get to gloat and say, "See, we told you so. That's why we stay home and watch TV."

Of course, it's staying home and watching TV that caused the problem with Comcast in the first place.

See, I've come full circle with nothing new or interesting to say. I give up. Time to take myself off to bed.

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