Saturday, January 11, 2014

Postscript, or Another Chapter? An Empty Sailboat

Empty of its engine, that is. Our trusty 30-year-old diesel was brutally ripped from the bowels of our boat and removed to Albert's Marine engine repair shop. Then came the crushing blow. Bearings and crankshaft worn.

Found a replacement, in Wisconsin, but it is a rebuild, with no guarantee. How much to ship a 325-pound, $3,800 block of steel from the U.S. Midwest to an island 200 miles east of Florida? Don't even want to guess.

We are at the mercy of Albert and crew. They have an excellent reputation for fixing things. They already got a 300-pound engine block out of a rocking boat onto a dock. They sent me away so my anxiety and nail-biting wouldn't interfere.

We paid for a month's dockage at a Texaco fuel dock, where several charter fishing boats are stored. Our mast is on the left.

I am planning sightseeing expeditions. Pope is searching for parts, both online and by contacting marine parts shop in the good ol' USA.

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  1. Take the mail boat to somewhere with a deserted beach and forget about echo for a few days.