Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Art in Photography

France lends itself to visually recording the corners of ancient buildings, spots of colors in small villages, and the season's abundant flowers. Below are some of my humble attempts to frame and shoot subjects purely for their aesthetic value..

Peeking in or Out
 Belle Ile, Near Carnac, Southern Brittany
 Sailboat anchored next to Fort La Latte, Northern Brittany
 Ile De Brehat, Near Paimpol, Northern Brittany
 Fes, Morocco
Rogue Gegeac, Dordogne
Cat in Window of Chateau Near Taradeau, Provence

Around the Village
Places to Worship
Cloister at Cadouin, Dordogne
Church on Ile de Brehat
Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
Thoronet Abbey, Provence
St Leon sur Verzere, Dordogne
Fort La Latte, Northern Brittany

Parting Shot 

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