Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Still Blue Maryland Morning

Climb aboard! Pope has toiled every day to fix and clean and upgrade Echo II. Time to test 'er out on another exciting adventure on Chesapeake Bay.
Two weeks ago, I survived an overnight sail across the bay to meet up and raft up with the Annapolis Sailing Club. Blessings: breeze, not too hot, no rain, few mosquitoes, potluck on shore, friendly crowd.
This week, we headed up the western shore to visit old friends who inhabit an island paradise north of the Bay Bridge.
Conditions were perfect for a gentle sail with Pope's favorite toy--an asymmetrical spinnaker. 

As per our usual pattern, Pope sailed/drove while I napped (or meditated or read or did crossword puzzles or prepared lunch).
We docked at Gibson Island Yacht Squadron, a private club tucked into a cove of the Magotjy River, which has the cleanest facilities on the east coast
Headed up the hill on the lovingly tended island to visit our friends the Hopkins at their impressive estate overlooking the Bay.

After an evening of fun and frolic--actually an amazing dinner and heated discussion about the Republican debate, influenced by too many Planters Punches--stumbled back to the dock to be rocked to sleep.
On waters becalmed by still blue skies, motored out to the Bay and steered for home. A pleasant breeze in the afternoon allowed us to complete the journey under respectable full sail.

To Pope's astonishment, I enjoyed the sail.

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