Wednesday, October 7, 2015

More of Florence

For those who just can't get enough armchair traveling.

Morning in Florence. Crossing the famous Ponte Vecchio (bridge). What's it famous for? Hordes of tourists? 

Dozens if diamond and jewelry shops? Beats me. It's pretty run down. Looks like it could collapse any moment.

Spent an hour searching for a bank with an ATM (as opposed to the outrageously expensive Euronet cash machines). No bank, even on the street with Gucci and Tiffany and Hermes. Lots more churches, though.
Thousands of leather good shops, colorful purses and jackets spilling into the streets, to the strong scent of cowhide.
Brand new jeans with plaid flannel patches, anyone?
On the backs of turtles.
Off to the train station, once again tackling the cracked pavement with my wheels. Headed south.

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