Saturday, October 22, 2016

Crunch Time: Now


Is it (a) the sound of autumn leaves underfoot, (b) the sensation of biting into corn flakes at breakfast, (c) a strenuous exercise for developing abs of steel, or (d) none of the above?
The answer is (d) none of the above. At least for today.
It’s the tense, action-packed 24 hours before departing on a 6-month journey, when: you’ve only cut down your TO DO list from 4 pages to 1-1/2; the boat is still leaking; a furnace valve starts leaking inside the wall; the oven door falls off; you realize you forgot to arrange care for your house plants; and you have to re-thread your sewing machine with stiff, hard-to-handle, UV-resistant thread and sew loops on the end of your jackline (a sailor's tether in a storm).

Me: “Are you looking forward to leaving?”

Him: “YES!! I’m SO looking forward to getting out of here. This place is falling apart.”

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