Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ouch! Scratch, Scratch

Horrors! A second bee or wasp sting! I am still recovering (and itching) from the first one. In addition, after two weeks of hiding out in long pants, long sleeves, and socks in sweltering weather (because returning travelers warned me), the no-see-ums (known here as "biting sand flies") have wormed their way into my world and are wagering on whether they can wreck my vacation.

That's because we are closing in on prime sand fly territory: the southwest coast.

I take back the good things I said about New Zealand in my previous blog post. Right now I am glad to be an American....

....No, wait!  I am embarassed to be an American. Because we are the laughingstock of educated, enlightened populaces around the globe. (Not that they don't laugh at their own politicians.)

The New Zealanders are forgiving. When the subject of US politics arises,  they chuckle and ask, "What's next?"

What's next for me is to tighten up on the clothing, especially around the scalp and ankles--at the risk of heat stroke. Add a veil and some DEET. A sheet over my head at night.

At least we Americans use screens on our windows!

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