Saturday, September 8, 2018

Pestilence on the High Seas

I donated blood today. To the dozens of biting flies that swarmed Echo II in the Choptank River and feasted on my legs, arms, toes, fingers, ears, and nose. The ones I slapped in shock and desperation were loaded with red corpuscles--mine. And I am bruised from slapping myself silly, too.

Darn wildlife. Getting more aggressive every year. Why, just the other day I was blogging about mosquitoes. I blame climate change. No, I think I'll blame Trump! Plague and pestilence are invading the planet, taking multiple forms. The list of predators and victims is growing.

These particular predators, a Chesapeake Bay variety, were just as vicious as the ones last week off the coast of New Jersey--way out in the ocean!--though not as numerous. They all ignore, or maybe even feast on, 40% DEET. 

I hope my red blood cells are contributing to a good cause, ecologically speaking, and not just fattening the bellies of greedy, bloodsucking, worthless parasites.


  1. Amber, if this blog is any indication, it seems that you and Pope could be survivors on an episode of "Naked and Afraid."