Monday, August 26, 2013

Detour to Detroit: the Darling and the Daring

The boat sits quietly at the dock, waiting patiently for its blue-water debut. En route from inter-office wailing to inter-island sailing, a number of detours have steered me away from the Bay and across the continent.  Not one to sit still for even a minute, I’ve abandoned the boat for now and filled my days since retirement with adventure, intrigue, family, friends, and an extended stroll down memory lane. Some specifics:

Intrigue:  Driving from Washington, DC, on a hot August morning, stopped in the small town of Delaware, Ohio, to chat with cousin Karen, with whom I am delving into the mysteries of family history and genealogy. This visit: a daring attempt to decipher the Parcels branch – my maternal grandfather.

Friends:  In an amazing coincidence, old friend and Department of Energy colleague Penny also retired to Delaware, Ohio!  Both Karen and Penny moved here to be near darling grandchildren. 

Family: Onward to the Detroit area, where brother Brian lives in the family home, with sister Kathy nearby. Our daring adventure: enchiladas at Mexican Village after dark.

Memories:  Renewed old friendships at Hazel Park High School 40-year reunion. Reconnected with former dates for Sadie Hawkins Dance (Doug) and Sweetheart Dance (Leon, photo lower left). Boogied with my darling girlfriends (Gayle, lower right). Pored over yearbooks, class photos, and snapshots of long hair and 70s-style bell bottoms.

Adventure: Just beginning, as I write this on a plane to Vancouver, British Columbia for an intermediate blue-water adventure. A test, you might say, for six months on our own boat, on the opposite side of the continent. If we don’t get scared and seasick on this Pacific adventure, the Atlantic one will be an island breeze!


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