Friday, October 4, 2013

Bahamas Bound

Well, folks, we've come full circle. I started this blog with news about purchasing a boat to sail down the coast and over to the Bahamas this fall. The time has come!

Pope and I are working flat out, frantically, to get the boat and house ready to leave in mid-to-late October. Right now the boat and house are chaotic, crowded, and characteristically messy. Tools, spare parts, and equipment everywhere. I'll wait until things get cleaned up and organized (if and when!) and the boat is packed with useful everyday stuff--beans and rice, shampoo and sunblock--to display before and after photos. Pope is proud of his re-creation of an old used boat, 37 years old and formerly owned by a priest--very appropriate that he turned it over to the Pope for resurrection in heavenly waters.

We have renamed the sailboat "Echo II," a tribute to "Echo," the boat his father lived on after his first boat sank (with Pope aboard--but that's another story, for a winter day).

Stay tuned at this website in late October or early November for the first installment of Echo II's journey down the Maryland and Virginia portion of the Intercoastal Waterway, starting with Chesapeake Bay then the Great Dismal Swamp. Will post a notice on my facebook page when I publish a blog post.

Thanks for viewing!

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