Saturday, November 9, 2013


First, the bad news, part 1.

Stuck in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Left the dock this morning after a freezing cold night, and within 5 minutes the engine quit. Limped back to the dock, assessed the situation, tried to fix it ourselves, then made some calls and prepared for long, expensive stay. Major engine repair needed and no diesel knowledge nearby. Only massive gasoline-powered yachts here. This is the haven of multi-millionaires on luxury yachts and summer houses with 20 or so rooms.. There are hundreds of brand new mansions lining the canal and the beaches on the barrier islands.

For repairs to an old diesel, had to hire a guy to drive in from Little River, a fishing area down the road, on a Ssaturday--overtime rates. He will try to get the parts ordered next week, if he can find the parts at all for an engine this old. Very nice. HAPPY to help. Only $80/hour.

Any diesel mechanics out there, come and rescue us! We're settling in at Barefoot Marina for a long stay. We'll give you a free berth on the boat and lots of rum punches. We need an impeller, water pump, flush of water lines, and fuel hose.

Now the silver lining (partial).

The Atlantic Ocean and lots of restaurants within biking distance. I had assembled one of the folding bikes and cycled to the beach yesterday, before the engine broke down. Had a sunny, pleasant afternoon--despite the rows of sterile condominiums lining the beach. Pope assembled the second bike today so we could both go to the beach tomorrow.

Now for the bad news, part 2. The crimp in tbe silver lining.
After Pope got tbe second bike assembled, mine broke down, right here on the dock, as we were preparing to leave for a pleasant ride to the beach. It's a rusty old bike, which I loved, and it fit me perfectly, but the rusty old bearings in the rusty old pedal drive seem to have just disintegrated, all at once, with no warning. RIP.
Hmm.Just a coincidence that it happened the same day the rusty old boat engine's rusty old water pump disintegrated? A sign that I have earned some really bad karma? (Maybe from swatting that mosquito a few nights ago.) Or, did we push our luck too far settling for old, pre-owned products instead of springing for shiny new ones? Of course, the latter didn't work with the brand new clothes dryer that broke down just before we left home.
Now, folks, I admit I am having some qualms just now. In fact, I shed a tear or two; it was too much to bear all at once. It's 5 pm and the temperature is dropping to the 30s. We can't even ride to a store to buy a blanket.
I think I'll just bundle up in my clothes, hunker down in bed, and hope to wake up to a better day!!

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