Thursday, February 27, 2014

Playing Tourist on Harbour Island

While waiting for the right weather to continue our northward journey to the Abacos and home, I am taking a vacation from the hard work of being on a boat. Today we took our bikes on the ferry to Dunmore Town, Harbour Island.

Million dollar beach homes and resorts...
...interspersed with tumbledown shacks, small pastel homes, narrow streets with golf carts.

A bakery. Yum.

If there is a hammock on the island, Pope will find it.

I am more interested in flowers and the pink sand beach where celebrities such as Martha Stewart and Nicole Kidman hunker down in seaside estates.

Oh, did I forget to mention that we broke down again? The day after I wrote the previous post, Gratitude. Leaving Highbourne, the wonderful luxurious marina resort, our electrical system failed. 

Stayed another day. The marina's excellent mechanic, Jason, fixed us up. A beautiful place, and a very expensive place to break down. For the investment we made in Highbourne, we could have flown to Harbour Island and stayed in a cute little pink B&B!

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