Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Update: Another Vacation Day

We are going to attempt a crossing to Florida tomorrow, Sunday, March 23. The wind will be against us, but it will be light, whereas today and all next week the wave forecasts are too formidable. Six boats left this morning, all before sunrise. One of the largest sailboats turned around after an hour and returned to the marina, reporting that the ocean was "lumpy" and they were getting beat up--enough to convince us to wait another day.

So we are paying to stay another expensive day at the dock in the Old Bahama Bay marina and resort at West End, the western tip of Grand Bahama Island, 47 miles from the Florida coast. I am determined to squeeze every penny's worth of enjoyment out of this resort. Yesterday, lap swimming in the lagoon-shaped pool, a half hour on the treadmill in the fitness center, and hot shower.

This morning, a long walk on the beach, followed by delicious coconut french toast at the beach bar overlooking the Little Bahama Bank

Now, borrowing a marina bike to ride to a nearby village. Also available for later: kayaks, paddleboards.

Just like Green Turtle Cay, this is not a bad place to be "stuck".

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