Thursday, June 5, 2014

Horseflies and Heeling

Thursday's excitement:

-Left St. Augustine st sunrise. Caught the 7:30 am opening of the Bridge of Lyons, before it closed for rush hour. Even boats are ruled by the 9-to-5 grind.

-Porpoises playing with our boat (photos). Manatees ducking and fleeing.

-Huge Florida horsefly took a chunk out of the captain. Blood streaming down his leg. The vicious perpetrator was swiftly tried and executed. Better Pope than me! I would be on the next bus home! I am living, breathing, and eating Deep Woods Off. 

-Captain Runaground seized control of our boat, briefly; up to his old tricks (see last year's blog). I was in the cabin, resting. I think Pope was asleep at the wheel. We bumped the bottom at the channel's edge and, fortunately, bounced off.
Captain Runaground

-Heeling over under full sail (my least favorite part of sailing) in the South Amelia River. Lining up range markers visually to stay in the narrow channel. Pretty billowing sails, though.
Hopefully that will be all the excitement for today! Trying for Cumberland Island, Georgia, by sumset.

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