Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mastering the Old Tricks: Shakedown Day

Our first stop: Vero Beach City Marina, where we met for the second time today.

After retrieving me from the West Palm Beach airport, Pope sped up the waterway at top hull speed under full jib in 15+ winds in Echo II, being extra careful because he only had 50% of the normal observational power needed to safely operate the boat, being all alone. And promptly hitting a piling pulling out of Fort Pierce.

First day on the Waterway: 7 young ladies on a powerboat bared their breasts for Pope, instigated by their boat captain. Which of course made Pope's day! Unfortunately, the captain was guzzling whiskey--cruising for a crash.

I was attacked by a four-inch cockroach that had made its home in our bunk.

I drove the rental car to Vero Beach and returned it there to join Pope on the boat. Stopped at an ocean beach or two.

Cruised the dollar store in search of a fly swatter, being forewarned by other cruisers about the biting green-headed horse flies. They were sold out! But I found the next best thing.

Beautiful old trees with Spanish moss in Vero Beach, home of the rich and richer, with miles of gated communities and golf clubs.

Already, we are playing midget to the giant cruisers...

... while relearning the tricks of the trade.

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