Thursday, September 12, 2019

Lost in Translation...? (Or Lost in the Mountains?)

My communication in France is hit or miss. Sometimes I get it right, but more likely I’ll end up on the wrong train (not yet), get two apple tarts instead of one (yesterday), end up in the emergency room (in 2015), or get into unexpected situations. Wanting to cool down on a hot day by getting up into the mountains, I attempted the following conversation prior to starting up the trail to Mount Rachais, in the Chartreuse Mountains near Grenoble, France.

Me: “Will it be steep?”
Me: “But it looks like it goes straight up! No switchbacks!”

Me: “Will it be rocky?”

Me: “Will it be easy to find the way?”
“Mais oui (of course).”
Me: “But I don’t see Mont Rachais on these signs!”

Me: “Will it be a hot day?”
Me: (panting, sweating)

Me: “Will there be interesting scenery along the way?”
“Mais oui (of course).”
Me: “Um...”

Me: “Will there be a view at the top?”
“Non; seulement des arbres, malheureusement (only trees, unfortunately).”
Me: “Um...”

Me: “How will we get to the trailhead?”
“Les bulles.”
Me: “Bubbles...?????”

Me: “Can we take it slow and rest a lot?”
“Non. Vite! (We must hurry!)”
Me: “Ha ha, you didn’t mean that!”

Me: “How will we know when it’s time to turn around?”
“Ha ha. Silly woman, you have to get all the way to the top.”

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