Monday, November 21, 2016

Just Another Day in the Life of a Cruising Couple

This blog post will be very exciting and anxiety-producing. If you have hypertension or heart concerns, I recommend you stop reading right now and delete.

Today was a more typical "rest" day in a late-fall cruise to the Bahamas than the leisurely laying around and loafing I've been doing lately.
Today we prepared to start south again. Pope checked the oil, removed tbe sail cover, stowed the kayak onboard, studied the nav charts, plotted a course, and arranged for dockage ahead.
I cleaned the dinghy. To scrub off mud, mold, algae, and rust, top and bottom, took 2 hours and 17 buckets of clean water. I am rather proud of my before-and-after pictures.
Now I am preparing vegetable soup for lunch. After that I will scrub the floor in the cabin and re-stow all the stuff we've been using, in preparation for a sunrise departure to take advantage of the outgoing tide. If I'm really ambitious, I'll clean the bird shit from those nasty grackles off our bimini (a canvas awning over the cockpit).

That's it. A typical "rest" day. Wasn't that exciting?

Check your blood pressure?

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  1. That's some impressive scouring, Amber! The old Billy Mays Oxiclean commercials have nothing on you!