Monday, September 23, 2013

Bellingham Blast

How many things can one do in 24 hours in Bellingham, Washington?

Start the day with plump blueberry pancakes made with fresh berries, picked by our friends Rich and Stephanie, who moved from Washington, DC, to live in this lush region laden with natural resources and nature-focused recreation.

Stroll through the forest behind their house, complete with the massive stumps of old-growth cedars.

Visit to the Spark Museum of Electrical Inventions for the MegaZapper electricity show. That's our friend Rich inside the Farraday cage, surrounded by 4 million volts of electrical shock; notice the "Danger: High Voltage" sign lower left.

Drive out to the country for pizza and clams accompanied by craft beers at North Fork Micro Brewery and Wedding Chapel.


Continue the tour around Mt. Baker, where the hiking and views can't be beat, but because of the steady rain, skip the drive up and instead stop at the Nooksack River for a walk along the banks.
Back at the house, feast on ceasar salad and wild salmon caught by Stephanie personally, and pool our labor to make pies with more of the fresh blueberries.
Finish the day with a deep sigh and fall asleep to the gentle pitter patter of rain on the window.

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