Monday, September 16, 2013

I Can See For Miles and Miles and Miles

Believe it or not, I posted the first part of this blog from the top of Mount Galiano, one of the highest peaks in the Gulf Islands--in a wilderness preserve!  Who woulda thought -- getting 3G at 1,000 feet with no buildings around for miles. Anchored our boat in Montague Harbor of Galiano Island, hitchhiked several miles to the trailhead, and climbed up here through beautiful mossy rain forest.

Great views of islands and sea channels from the top, including a glimpse all the way to Puget Sound in the good ol' USA. (Not so good today though; Canadians all got the news of the Navy Yard incident.)

Needed to get down the mountain pronto in order to hitchhike back to get dinghied back to the boat. Had a schedule to keep, and very very few cars on the road. A nice man offered to take us out of his way all the way to the dock. People have been like that on several islands; hitchhiking is the way to get around. Not many strangers in town!

Why so important to get back to the boat in time?  Another exciting evening in the sailing life! Who says sailing is all about boats? The onshore excursions ain't bad either. The Pub Bus (a magic school bus!) with its weird and crazy driver ( ) was due to pick us up at 6 pm -- a very fun guy; we had a blast in his bus while he cranked up some tunes, played percussion on every part of his dashboard, and handed us some spare tambourines. Getting there was 90% of the fun!

The food at the Hummingbird Pub wasn't bad, either. The whole (current) crew of the sailing vessel Archer. Captain Dave at left, wife on the other side. Next to Dave, Mark who joined us at Tofino. And of course, Amber and Pope.

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