Friday, September 6, 2013

The Top of the Island

More fog, but blessedly no more rain the last few days. Cruising slowly through the Broughton Islands, roughly northeast of Vancouver Island, hoping for clear, windy sailing weather; instead getting layers of fog and mist with glimpses of forest-covered islands with rock shores.


We creep slowly through the fog and mist, lookouts posted on the bow searching for boat traffic, logs, and other obstacles.  The lookouts—hands and feet get damp and cold--catch an occasional glimpse of an island, a fishing boat, or even a tiny settlement, but mostly we have the passages to ourselves, with only fog, mist, kelp, logs, birds, an occasional dolphin, and, drifting quietly next to the boat, amazingly beautiful armful-sized jellfyfish in glowing white, hot pink, or neon orange.

Each day we anchor early in a sheltered cove or small bay in the lee of one of the islands, disappointed by another day of non-sailing (the guys) but grateful for the lovely surroundings, the quiet coves with placid waters, the thick strands of trees. Each evening we cook a nutritious dinner (we have fresh vegetables, milk, and sausages in a small propane refrigerator), sip rum cocktails or staight whiskey (it's a prerequisite for sailors), and play music with Dave’s banjo and my pawn-shop guitar. We turn in early, shortly after dark, in order to arise soon after sunrise. Pope and I have a rear quarter berth, a cozy nook at the back of the boat, sized somewhere between a twin and double bed; the side of the berth curves along the hull of the boat.



Today, arrived at Port Hardy, last provisioning stop at the top of Vancouver Island before heading out to the deep blue sea—the Pacific Ocean. Happy smiles--it's sunny and warm here in Port Hardy!

Tonight, we are going to eat in a restaurant!  Yahoo!!  Will spend the night—on the boat, as  always--here, at  Quarterdeck Marina, buying groceries, fuel and water; taking showers; checking weather forecasts; catching up on communications back home (Internet connections included in the marina fee). We switch one crew member here; Mark leaves, Scott signs on.

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