Monday, January 19, 2015

A Day Ashore on Terre de Haut--A French Playground

Les Saintes are lovely, lush volcanic islands in Guadeloupe. Only a few miles in distance but worlds apart economically from Guadeloupe's other out-island, Marie Galante, where we stopped earlier. THIS is what we spoiled Americans want in a Caribbean vacation.
We raced across the ocean passage from Grand Bourg (on Marie Galante) to Le Bourg (on the island of Terre de Haut) because the charter company agreed to deliver a new outboard engine to us there! (We still have to pump and bail though....)

We secured Clarabella on a fixed mooring in the harbor.
Pope and Greg paddled a mile to the far side of the harbor to pick up the new outboard.
Meanwhile Barb, our resident artist, rendered the colorful boats in the harbor in pastels.
Having restored the dinghy to notorized usefulness, off we charged to shore, to see what the island of Terre de Haut (High Ground) offers. Tied up at the dinghy dock, next to shoreside pubs and cafes.
Ah, sweet bliss. This island represents what most of us imagine the Caribbean will be like: Lush green hills. Upscale food, drink, and shops. We hiked well-kept, hilly roads past beaches, flowers, beautifully painted houses, golf carts, and fishing boats. (No yachts here, though.)

Our first French feast here was ... ooh la la! Superlative! Grilled fish and exquisite, melt-in-your-mouth mango souffle. Much wine was consumed, a dry riesling imported all the way from Alsace. If you ever get to Guadeloupe, we highly recommend the restaurant Ti Kaz'la
End of a long, pleasurable day. Back to the boat by motorized dinghy, headlamps burning.

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