Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fresh From the Bakery

Somehow, Pope has gotten the impression I don't like living on a boat.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Give me an air-conditioned berth with screened windows and a view, serve gourmet meals on a silver platter (i.e., as on a cruise ship), and I'm content.

Given his inability to deliver such basic necessities of life on his primitive little sailboats, he had to scrounge around the hemisphere to find the next best thing in order to get me to come on this sailing trip.

Every morning, just after dawn, fresh croissants and baguettes are delivered directly to our boat. They are the tastiest--and cheapest--croissants in this hemisphere. Melt in your mouth.

The other crew members, Greg and Barb, enjoy them just as much as I do, especially with coffee and peach or passion fruit jam.
For other would-be boaters, this slice of paradise is available at Le Bourg, Terre de Haut island, Ile des Saintes island chain, Guadeloupe. (A French outpost, naturally--thank heavens for Napoleon's creative idea of mixing butter, flour, and white sugar as a means of bribing his fleet.)

Yesterday, Pope tried to persuade us to re-provision the boat (i.e., stock up on beer and wine) and move to another island. 

He wheedled and cajoled, pointing out the benefits of getting a new perspective. Or, at least, seeing more of the country.

Undoubtedly, the other islands are also lush and lovely, with equally dramatic scenery, seafood restaurants, pastel houses, and turquoise bays. But still...!
We held firm, and stayed. And today, we doubled our croissant order--just in case he sneaks out to the cockpit, starts the engine, and whisks us out of here before tomorrow.

P.S. We did move to another island, and another very fine grilled fish dinner in a down-home, island-style outdoor cafe with about four tables, a hostess/waitress, and a chef/grillmaster.


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