Thursday, January 15, 2015

Amber and Pope's Semi-Excellent Guadeloupe Adventure

Having overcome our disappointment with the age, quality, and condition of the Dufour 385 charter boat from Dream Yacht Charters in Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe, the four remaining crew members set off anyway. in anticipation of a sunny sail in French Caribbean waters.


On the third day out of the charter dock, we thought we might FINALLY get a break in tbe rainy, windy weather and sail off to an offshore paradise. After an hour and a half of groaning, pounding, vomiting, getting drenched, and hanging on for dear life, we gave up and returned to port.
Day Four was our lucky break. We set off again in 6-8 foot waves and 20-knot winds (better than the day before) from the main island of Guadeloupe to the island of Marie Galante, 18 miles away.
Success! Out of the rainclouds and relentless trade winds into blue skies and a sunny sub-tropical isle!

Of course, we didn't achieve perfection:  we headed for shore and the dinghy engine broke down. We will be paddling to shore from now on. And rain is predicted again tonight.

But we did get a swim, sunset happy hour, and Caribbean dinner on the beach.
Finally, a Caribbean semi-vacation!

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