Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Onto the High Seas: From Point-a-Pitre To Ile de Gosier

At a market near the marina in Point-a-Pitre, we loaded up with the usual provisions: baguette, croissants, almond and lemon tarts. Oh yeah, a couple of onions and red peppers too. What more do you need for 10 days at sea in French waters?
Outside the market, les hommes (men) crowded around a soccer game on outdoor TV.
Some of the buildings near the marina are painted in pastels (for the benefit of tourists, probably). 
At the dock, Pope and Greg underwent orientation with the handsome young Frenchman from Dream Yacht Charters. (Darn, I had to go to the market while he regaled them with his perfectly accented English.)
And pretty soon, we were ready to cast off! And away to sea.

We didn't get far the first day--to an anchorage just around the corner, three miles away, until 1) the weather clears, 2) we get used to the boat, and 3) Greg recovers from his temporary respiratory troubles. We explored the little island offshore the town of Le Gosier with our dinghy: picnic tables, tiki bar, and ruins of a lighthouse.

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